Discovering Art in Unexpected Places

The Letters project is the first step in a larger arts and culture initiative from Sterling Bay and the first in a series of curated installations that will spotlight local artists at Lincoln Yards.

The Letters at Lincoln Yards consists of twenty-six typographic murals located on various industrial surfaces throughout the site including garage doors, brick walls and corners of empty warehouses. Painted in bright, colorful hues, Sterling Bay commissioned the public art project to encourage visitors to the site to create their own scavenger hunt and discover art in unexpected places along the way.

Why the “Y”?

The Y symbol, Chicago’s municipal device, has been used by the City of Chicago for over 100 years. The three-branched, Y-shaped symbol represents the branches of the Chicago River where the main branch divides to the North and South branches. From historic buildings and bridges to the Lincoln Yards logo, the sign of civic pride can be seen in countless places and is often hiding in plain sight. Look around, where do you see the Y?